Conquer your data analytics

Our Swiftbox EZBuilder is a state-of-the-art TMS software
optimization tool that allows you to hone in on key insights and
build your own customized reports with your organization’s
transportation data in a matter of seconds.

Make your shipping data make sense with our TMS software

Who wants to spend hours trying to make sense of the endless data and codes in carrier invoices? Audit companies will standardize the data, but you’re still stuck sifting through millions of rows to find the information you need. Our Swiftbox EZBuilder allows you to build your own custom reports within seconds, easily removing all of the information you don’t need and highlighting the most crucial data.

Swiftbox EZBuilder Reporting

Our Swiftbox EZBuilder reporting tool saves you the time, energy and resources you’d otherwise be using toward mincing through never-ending carrier invoices and cluttered spreadsheets. With our TMS software optimization tools, even the most novice excel user can build their own ad-hoc queries and customized reports.

Pick what's important

Pick which data points are important to you and create a crystal clear report that shows you only what you want to see.

Manage any

Use these tools to manage any transportation category – from third-party billing partners to individual package-level details.

Convert large
data extracts

Automatically convert large extracts containing over a million rows of data to a CSV file.

Prevent third-party fraud

Build reports to audit for and prevent fraud with third-party billing companies.

Customize your cadence

Schedule your customized reports on your preferred cadence to any user’s email.

Improve your

Generate security and user permissions based on your unique organizational structure.

Your custom report is only a few clicks away

Organizing your data has never been easier. With the Swiftbox EZBuilder tool, you can create a personalized file that shows only your desired data in just a few clicks.

Through the use of PCT’s parcel dashboard and custom grouping features, we were able to identify a recent operational change we made to how we process customer returns that was increasing our transportation costs by roughly $20,000 per month.

Retail Customer

Take control of your small parcel transportation strategy with our TMS software

PCT has a solution for your busy schedule. With our Swiftbox EZBuilder tool, you can seamlessly build customized reports that address the areas of your transportation strategy that matter to your organization.

Simplify your shipping data

Transportation management can often feel like a lose-lose. You’re either sacrificing your customer experience or you’re watching your margins deplete while attempting to keep up with Amazon’s free shipping. PCT offers TMS software with end-to-end solutions that let you visualize your big-picture spend down to the granular level, helping you make data-driven decisions in real time.


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