Data visualization tools
that reveal vulnerabilities
in your freight management

From big-picture spend down to the most granular level, our freight management systems have industry leading data visualization tools and highly customizable reports that make managing your day-to-day transportation spend easier than ever.

Bring transparency to your freight management

Shipping doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach. PCT’s freight management systems offer an end-to-end solution that includes a suite of state of the art reporting and data visualization tools that give you insight into opportunities and weaknesses in real time.


Our Dashboards are your go-to for the big picture. Identify irregular activity at a glance and keep a pulse on customized categories with our freight management software.

Switch between FEMS and Dashboard Views Instantaneously
All our of dashboards are highly-interactive; if you’d like to take a deeper dive into a specific data point in your dashboard view, just one click will take you to a detailed report with all of the related shipping activity.

Freight Expense Management Systems (FEMS)

Our Freight Expense Management Systems (FEMS) reporting platform captures data from every aspect of your transportation lifecycle; from individual package-level detail reports at the time of order manifestation to accessorial fee management and carrier performance monitoring. Can’t find the information you need? Build a custom report of over a million lines of data in less than a second in our ad-hoc query builder.

Whether you’re in transportation, finance and accounting, supply chain or the c-suite, FEMS was built with a deep understanding that every user has different needs.

Key Features

Easily visualize data

Easily navigate between Dashboard and FEMS views to zero in from the big picture to individual-package level data.

Precision in reporting

We parse your product catalog and all carrier related contracts to give you the most granular-level, accurate data down to each individual product you sell.

Technology agnostic solutions for any amount of data

No data set is too large, no technology too sticky. We will make sense of your transportation data and find an integration solution that will fit your needs.

Reporting capabilities for anyone in the transportation lifecycle

Whether you’re in finance & accounting, supply chain, managing the distribution center, or executive leadership, we have a solution to fit your specific needs.

Through the use of PCT’s parcel dashboard and custom grouping features, we were able to identify a recent operational change we made to how we process customer returns that was increasing our transportation costs by roughly $20,000 per month.

Retail Customer

You deserve every advantage
when it comes to freight management

PCT will help you become as empowered and knowledgeable as ever when it comes to your transportation spend so you can have clear visibility into your company’s expenditures and identify any vulnerabilities.

Take your reporting a step further

Sorting through a million lines of data to find only the most pertinent information is taking up too much of your time – time that you could be using to accomplish more important tasks. With our Swiftbox EZBuilder tool, you can build a custom report that only shows you the data points you select in a matter of seconds.