Comprehensive small package spend management

Our supply chain consulting services and data-driven
methodology reveal the true cost drivers, best alternatives and
contracting strategies to drive maximum outcomes for your

Contract Management

Financial Workflows

Process Management

Supply chain consulting that
consistently delivers results

Parcel transportation management is exceedingly complex and sourcing options are limited. Nor is it easy for companies of any scale to take advantage of the insight hidden within the enormous amounts of usable data.

With PCT, you’ll quickly see how reducing complexity leads to more predictable spend and lower total cost per package. We apply our deep knowledge of small parcel package operations and carrier pricing methods to expose gaps in the status quo – and use advanced analytics to quantify realizable opportunities.

Be a step ahead with our proven
methodology for supply chain solutions

Small package shipping is complex and requires constant attention to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments. An unprepared approach to your transportation management will leave you paying way more than you should. With our proven methodology and consulting, you’ll have all the resources you need to be one step ahead of the curve.

1. Contract Management

  • Goals
  • Constraint Analysis
  • Service Levels
  • Unit-level Cost Drivers
  • Carrier Selection
  • Contract Guidelines
  • Data Management
  • Allocations

2. Financial Workflows

  • Global Visibility
  • Governance
  • Workflow Automation
  • Expense Management Portals
  • Freight Audit
  • Freight Payment
  • Cost Recovery

3. Process Management

  • Rate Analysis
  • Terms & Structure
  • Variances
  • Options & Feasibility
  • Global Scenarios
  • Network Optimization
  • Modal Optimization

Four stages to get you great results

Stage 1: Analyze

Our $2 billion in combined small package category spend runs through our advanced analytic models every year

Stage 2: Solve

Clients who implement our recommendations net 10-30% direct cost savings plus a multitude of indirect benefits

Stage 3: Advise

Our clients include some of the world’s most sophisticated companies – eCommerce startups, high-growth middle market leaders and Fortune 500 brands

Stage 4: Support

We conduct more than 30 major client projects each year – from sourcing intelligence, to comprehensive strategy assessments, to renewal cycle reviews

Our supply chain consulting approach produces high-impact results through detailed strategy recommendations addressing specific business challenges

Network Optimization

– Modal options
– Rates structures
– Sourcing & execution

Financial Workflow

– Cost allocation
– Accounting processes
– Integration


– Contract terms
– Cost reduction
– Cost avoidance
– Thresholds & metrics

Business Intelligence

– Reporting
– Alerts
– Metrics & dynamic data analysis

Knowledge as deep as
it is diverse

Our supply chain consultants and analysts average 20 years tenure in the freight industry – and we leverage collective expertise in finance, sales, pricing, operations, engineering, process design, data management & technology to provide the tools and services that enable significant improvement in transportation cost reduction, invoice audit and governance, and program management.

An approach that
aligns mutual interests

PCT leads with an outcome-based contingency-fee approach that not only eliminates inherent conflict of interest in fee-for-services arrangements, it creates a powerful incentive for us to help our clients achieve the targeted cost reductions more quickly and efficiently.

Discover a new data-driven supply chain solution methodology that changes the way you view shipping